For a majority of people moving and relocation is a stressful time. Relocating to Louisville, Kentucky should be a smooth transition with the Bourbon and Bluegrass moving blog. If you plan to move to this state, check out this website for reliable information. Bourbon & Bluegrass provides some of the following details about the county.

About Kentucky

Generally, Kentucky or the Bluegrass State features numerous natural attractions, resources, and weather. The state is known as Bluegrass because the plant grows in plenty in the area. Other titles that it is known are The Corn-Cracker, Hemp State, and Dark and Bloody Ground. It is also home to Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), a bourbon distillery, Mammoth Cave National Park, college basketball, and country music.

The best time to move to Kentucky is during winter or the fall. It is because the rainy season falls in spring, and the summer is very humid and hot. According to the blog, if you have to move during these times of the year, you should follow these precautions:

  • Select the mode that you will use for moving early. You can either choose a professional mover or a truck rental.
  • Ensure that you’ve put aside ample time to cater to the traffic you will find in the larger cities.
  • Find out about storage facilities in the area that you’re moving in. Bourbon & Bluegrass provides such information.
  • Ensure that you carry a toolbox, first-aid kit, general provisions, a flashlight, and a charged cellphone.
  • If it’s during the summer, make sure you drink sufficient fluids to hydrate yourself and prevent heatstroke.
  • Research about utility services in the area from a reliable blog.
  • Find out about the parking restrictions in the state.

Before you settle, make sure you do the following:

  • If you plan to drive, acquire a local driver’s license in the next 30 days.
  • If you own any vehicle, register it during the first 30 days. It will cost you 21 dollars for registration, the lien costs 22 dollars, and the title is 9 dollars. You’ll incur an excise tax of 6% for the vehicle registration transfer.
  • Register for a local voter’s card from the county clerk’s office.

Pros of Moving to Kentucky

  • Low cost of living. The state is among the ten best places to live. The rank takes into account the rate of expenditure in the area.
  • Property taxes are meager compared to other states. According to research, the minimum average property rate is 0.82%.
  • Expansive land for farming.
  • Affordable education.
  • Plenty of food.
  • The bridges and roads are toll-free.

Cons of Moving to Kentucky

  • A considerably high crime rate.
  • The education quality is low.
  • The state is landlocked, and it doesn’t have any beaches.
  • The summers are hot and humid.

You can find some of the information and resources mentioned above in the Bourbon & Bluegrass blog. Log in to the website to find out more about relocating to Kentucky.